Overall Summary

Earth is devastated by the collision of a colossal, god-like alien being. The corpse is divided among the nations of the world as a precious commodity and radical new technologies are developed by studying its remains. Control of this new resource gives rise to an oppressive superpower in the global South, turning the world upside down. One woman, her commander, and their band of rebels take up arms against this tyranny and usher in a brilliant new age for humanity. The alien race that began this tale allies with the people of Earth, bringing them into larger galactic society. Demons from the past universe bring this golden age crashing down. The daughter of past heroes and the distant cyborg descendants of humanity find the truth of the cosmos and decide the fate of all life, love, and joy for eternity.

Wings 1

The world is beginning to recover from the chaos of a bizarre alien invasion. Control of the massive aliens' remains has become the key to power in the new emerging society. A small team of U.S. special forces are dispatched to South America to aid the local military in putting down a rebellion. They find themselves sucked into a conspiracy by a growing world power that seeks to invade the region and seize their fragments of the alien corpse. Our heroes are framed for aiding the rebels and used as an excuse for invasion. With the last holdout conquered, the new world power begins entrenching its hold on the world and reshaping society as it sees fit.

Wings 2

A band of traitors fights the ruling world power in a desperate gamble to prove humanity's worth to vengeful god-like alien beings.

Wings 3

The distant cyborg descendants of Earth unravel the mystery of galactic civilization's downfall and the true nature of the cosmos. One woman fights to decide the fate of humanity, the universe, and all life forever.

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